Muay Thai Language

Aenken – Anklet, protecting instep and shin.
Andap – Ratings
Baak – Mouth
Bangkok – Capital of Thailand
Bat – Block
Chaikrong – Floating ribs
Champ – Champion
Chiang Mai – Provincial capital in the North, second largest city in Thailand
Chok – Fight
Choraked faad haang – Turn kick, literally the crocodile thrashes its tail
Dadsin – To judge, to decide
Daihuachai – Region under the heart, a vital point
Dermpan – A form of betting
Dontree Muay – The music played during a match
Dtaa – Eyes
Dtaai – To die
Dtae – To kick
Dtae Kao – Knee kick
Dtae Tao – Kick with foot
Dtae Wiang – Round kick
Dtai – Kidneys, vital point
Dtai Kao – Knee kick from side
Dtee – To hit
Dtee Mat – To hit with the fist
Dtee Sawk – To hit with the elbow
Dtoi – To box, boxing
Dtoi Lom – Shadow boxing, literally to box with the wind or air
Faad – To thrash, wipe, swipe
Faidaeng – The red corner
Fainamnerng – The blue corner
Gamagan – Referee
Gaan Dadsin – Judging
Gangkeng Muay – Boxer’s trunks
Gawn Welaa – Literally before time, “gawn welaa” bouts are held before the actual programme starts and reserved for novices.
Grajab – Groin guard
Grammom Srisa – Top of head, a vital point
Grasawb – Bag, punching bag
Hua – Head
Huajai – Heart
Hook – Hook, the word is borrowed from English
Jad – Promote
Jamook – Nose
Kaa – Leg
Kaen – Arm
Kai – Camp
Kai Muay – Boxing camp
Kagangai – Jawbone, a vital point
Kamab – Temples, vital points
Kao – Knee
Kao Kong – Over-arm knee kick
Kao Loy – Jumping knee kick
Kao Drong – Frontal knee kick
Khuen Kru – The ceremony during which a teacher accepts a new student
Ku Ek – Main bout on a card, literally the “number one pair”
Kradot – Jump
Kradot Dtae – Jump kick
Kruang Rang – Bands worn around biceps
Kru Muay – Boxing teacher
Kwaa – Right, to the right
Lang Tao – Instep
Limpee – Solar Plexus, a vital point
Lop To duck
Luk Anta – Testicles
Luk Gradueak – Adam’s apple, a vital point
Luk Kang – Chin, a vital point
Mat – Fist
Mat At – Uppercut
Mat Drong – Straight punch
Mao Mat – “Punch drunk”
Mongkon – The headband worn during pre-fight ceremony
Muay Acheep – Professional boxing
Muay Thai – Thai Boxing, or Thai-style boxing
Muay Sakon – International-style boxing
Na Kaeng – Shin
Nak Muay – Boxer
Namnak – Weight
Na Paag – Forehead
Nuam – Gloves
Pang-nga – To dodge, evade
Paa Pan Mue – Bandages worn under gloves
Pee Liang – Seconds
Raigaan Muay – Boxing programme
Ram Muay – Boxing dance, part of the pre-fight ritual
Run – Weight category
Saai – Left, to the left
Sanam Muay – Boxing stadium
Sangwien – Ring ropes
Sawing – Swing, the word comes from the English “swing”
Sawk – Elbow
Taitoi – Nape, a vital point
Tao – Foot
Teep – Push or thrust with the underside of the foot
Teep Dan Lang – Foot thrust to the rear
Teep Dueh Son – Heel push
Teep Drong – Straight forward foot push
Ting – Throw
Tong – Stomach
Tong Noi – Lower stomach, a vital point
Uppercut – Uppercut, borrowed from English
Wai Kru – Obedience to the teacher, part of the pre-fight ritual.
Wehtee – The ring, a stage
Wong – Band (musical)
Wong Muay – The orchestra that plays during matches
Yaeb – Jab, borrowed from English
Yaek – Break, used by referee in the ring to separate fighters
Yang gan fan – Mouth guard
Yok – Round
Yud – Stop, used by referee

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