MASTERS MUAY THAI ACADEMY is a place where knowledge of different masters resides. The school is the house of Muay Boran and Sport Muay in India. The Academy has been accredited by different Muay Thai Institutions and federations over a period of 8 years in existence. The academy trains the curriculum of 6 different Thai legends being experts in their own way of Muay. Having trained under different masters, we have the knowledge preserved and that makes us authentic and unique in teaching Muay skills in India.

We understand after so many years,styles don’t divide Muay Boran. All different beliefs, practices and applications lead us to the same destination. Muay Boran emphasizes on using the most lethal weapons like Elbows, Knees & Clinch, which makes this the most effective way of fighting. Not to forget, we train this fighting art not to cause any harm to anyone but to fight our own self which leads to self-development and a healthy and good life.

The Academy was established in 2009 under the guidance and blessings of Teacher Kru Pedro and aims through its training to develop a deeper awareness of our inner self. This system blends spirituality and martial training which makes it a complete system of fighting art. Through training we develop our skills in fighting and the awareness to be more humble and to respect others and learn not to judge others but to understand that we are all part of the same thing. We learn how to work with the negative emotions like ego, anger and fear. Fighting the external enemy can be easy but fighting the enemy within is the real challenge and as the teacher says “Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much your own thoughts unguarded, but once mastered nothing can help you as much“.

Intention is the beginning of every activity, and when we have pure and clear intentions we start every activity with pure willingness and dedication which results in a positive outcome. The outcome depends purely on the way we react to the moment, which determines the future of all events. It is compassion that helps us to perfect our wisdom and our power, the transformed mind is ultimate healing, the enlightened mind has nothing and needs nothing.

We should always have an open mind which sees things as they are, “Before you put something in your room, it is necessary for you to take out something which simply means empty your mind!!

The academyaims at presenting this martial art in its most authentic way to all students for their overall development.

The academy boasts of avaried mix of people enrolling with different needs, like someone wants to be a fighter, someone wants to learn the art, someone wants to use this to become healthy both in body & mind; however, with all these varied goals, the path we walk on is the same albeit with varying levels of intensity.

The main objective of the Academy is to help students transform into better, strong, determined self-made beings. The training everyday will teach them new ways of using this fighting art and also feed their mind so they can use their inner qualities to the best.

                                                                                                        So,the academy welcomes you to come train Muay Thai, with the best in the class and country!!