Kru Hemanth Kumar

Kru Hemanth Kumar has been training Martial Arts for the past 27 years.

Born in a middle class family where martial art is not a subject of much importance he could not be deterred. At a very early age he started training is Kyokushin Kai Kan under the tutelage of SenseiRakum for few years and had to stop training due to bad financial conditions. Though situation was not in his favor, he managed to change that to his favor by practicing all the basics which was initially taught and that now has become the base for his progress.

He has trained under different masters of various styles and finally found that one master who always was ready to support him at his best for the development of martial arts. Hestarted training with Sensei Robert a well-known teacher of Okinawan style of Karate and completed the training successfully overcoming all barriers to achieve his 1st Dan Black Belt.

Further to improvise his training,he joined other great masters of Taekwando like Master Lee from Korea and Master Vijay from India for learning basics of this Korean art. Not sufficient enough, his journey continued to train in Shotokan Karate under the tutelage of Sensei Arvind and attained Brown senior level in this style and also joined the Star kickboxing club under the tutelage of Mr.Abid and trained in Kick boxing and Won State and National level championships in Gold.

He was then taken to Thailand to represent India in the Muay Thai World Championships in Bangkok sanctioned by IMTF where the unexpected happened and he was badly defeated by the opponent from Morocco and realized that the skills of Kick Boxing were not of much use against Muay Thai.

Upon returning to India, totally devastated by his experience and feeling so out of mind, he decided to make his journey back to Thailand in search of a teacher and that is when he met the great master of Muay Chaiya – Kru Preang. His training under Master Kru Preang, Kru Lamp and Kru Pong was of great help to guide him learn this ancient style of Muay Thai which he was looking for all his life. He trained hard in mastering the basics of this fighting style; however, he first had to unlearn all the other knowledge he had accomplished over the years, as they say the cup needs to get empty first and so did that happen and the new journey towards learning started a great way.

Having made many trips to Thailand, he got the opportunity to train and share knowledge with many old masters who were not training there officially but when you ask them to teach they would do with great enthusiasm and their love for Muay Thai thus laid the foundation of sport Muay Thai for Kru Hemanth. The old masters never gave importance for their name to be reflected, but they gave lot of importance to the interest he had to gain this knowledge and that was how he won the heart of many good masters in Thailand.

The journey never ends until you stop and so did Kru Hemanth had no thought of stopping this half way. He now started to train under one of the best known teachers of Muay Chaiya, Kru Pedro who is a legend having trained in 45 different training camps of Thailand and being well versed in Muay Sangha and KrabiKrabong.

Muay Chaiya lays the platform for Muay Sangha, also called the hybrid style of Muay Thai and this is where his learning reached its peak level as there was harmony in mind and body and there came a new evolution of a style of Muay Thai started here in India.

With the blessings of Kru Pedro and other great teachers of Muay Thai, he started the one and only school in India which teaches both Sport Muay Thai and ancient style Muay Thai.This school which is now an academy,is blessed with positive energy and has become a reason for so many youngsters to have experienced a change in their life by training this beautiful art of nine limbs.

Kru Hemanth has been successful in creating state & national level champions in Amateur level fights and professional fights as well. His fighters have also been very successful against MMA fighters in Mumbai sanctioned by Tiger’s Gym and have taken their opponents down by straight knock out using the deadly weapons like elbow and knee. Kru Hemanth is also associated with Tiger’s Gym founded by Master Daniel Isaac specializing in MMA and kickboxing and keeps constantly working in getting the aspiring fighters to test in the ring anywhere within India and abroad. The network of the academy has always been developing as it is a world full of competition and young fighters becoming champions every day.

Kru Hemanth started to work with Muay Thai Federation of India founded by Sir OkenJeet in Nagaland with great hopes and dreams of fighting for India and getting world-wide opportunities for the aspiring fighters, which was a dream come true.

Representing MFI, Kru Hemanth fought the World championships in Thailand in 2009. In 2010, he fought in Iran and won a bronze medal for the country and fought in Iran again in 2011 again winning a Bronze for the country and also has had the experience of leading a team of fighters to Iran and managing them professionally and bringing the team back safe and successful.

In 2012, he saw a great change was necessary for the development of this sport in India. Kru Hemanth joined the Muay Thai International Association and has started training the Great Master Toddy’s system of Muay Thai in India.

Kru Hemanth is the first Indian to be introducing this system of fighting in India and we now have gateways open for young fighters to fight professional Muay Thai. He sees this as a great change and development to take this sport to a much higher level in a clean and fair manner unlike choosing the unfair path which is so easy and always chosen by people who don’t have the passion and love for this sport.

In 2014, he joined the Kru Muay Thai association, Master Woody’s training camp and trained in Master Woody’s system and worked with his federation for a long time. He headed the Indian team to the World Championships organized by World Martial Arts Council in 2015 in association with KMA.A team of 5 fighters travelled to Thailand and 3 of the 5 fighters were successful in this challenge making India proud. He continued working with this federation till came a day where he finally had to choose between knowledge and the federation. He chose the path to seek more knowledge and resigned the position of being representative of WMO (WorldMuayThaiOrganization) for India.

The search for deeper knowledge lead him to meet the great grand master Deycha, the founder of Muay Boran warrior Institute called Amarit.Master Deychais an encyclopedia of Muay Boran which is the ancient treasure and pride of the Thai people. He is well versed in his subject of expertise and never wanted to teach anybody of this system. After a hopeful wait for over a year, there came a great moment when Master Deycha accepted to teach his system of Muay Boran.

Deeply indebted and joyous, Kru Hemanth started training Muay Boran in Amarit and successfully completed to grade 2, and the journey is still ongoing and he was overwhelmed to have met BorommakruDeycha and become his disciple.

Kru Hemanth is also trained in the Indian warfare system called Porkalai a branch of Varmakalai. In this system, the pressure points are used to heal or combat the opponent.He is learning this knowledge from 3 different teachers from Tamil Nadu for the last 4 years. His main quest is to learn this system and do serve people by healing the ones suffering from joint related problemsand other common ailments which can be cured using this system.He is also a 3rd degree Reiki Master and has extended his learning to all possible levels in the endeavor to serve humanity.

  •    Founder of Masters Muay Thai Academy in India
  •    Specialist in Muay Boran and Sport Muay Thai
  •    Accredited by Education Ministry of Thailand
  •    Created National Champions consecutively for the past 4 years
  •    Winner of the World Championship in Thailand in 2009 & in Iran 2011
  •    Headed the Indian team to the World Championships organized by World Martial Arts Council in 2015 in association with KMA
  •    Consecutively won Bronze medal twice for the country in the World Muay Thai Championships sanctioned by International Federation of Muay Thai.
  •    Ongoing workshops for MNC’s in self-defense and fitness through Muay Thai and has also helped many with weight loss programs.
  •    Certified trainer in Porkalai, under the tutelage of Late aasan Kannan from Chennai.
  •    3rd Degree Reiki Master
  •    Accupuncture Practitioner
  •    Practitioner of Varma Kalai for healing.
  •    Trained a person who was paralyzed for many years and was unable to lift even a spoon. After 3 months of regular training and monitoring the person transformed completely and attained unbelievable mental and physical stability that he was able to lift up his daughters and run and play with them. This was a truly amazing moment.
  •    Trained a very elderly person who had suffered heart attack twice and had undergone angioplasty. The patient had very frail stamina levels and was unable to walk even a few yards within his home. Post targeted training sessions, there was a great deal of change and improvement as the elderly person was now able to quite easily climb up the stairs and at times try running a few steps as well.
  •    Using the system of Varmakalai, offered treatment at the guidance of my teacher to a patient who was 56 year old and suffering from acute back pain and nerve compression between C4 and C5 in the neck. The earlier doctors had suggested surgery but with no guarantee of recovery. However, with the blessings of his teacher, the treatment was offered for 18 continuous days and today this patient is cured of back pain and the shoulder pain and is able to take care of himself.
  •    Another person suffering from Vertigo, who was treated by various doctors had a relapse of his condition at unpredictable times. He was treated for 5 days and is completely cured of this condition.
  •    Treated many people suffering from mind blocks, insomnia and intestinal problems using Reiki.A pet was seriously injured in a road accident with a broken leg; Reiki healing helped the pet recover in 2 weeks’ time.

All the above scenarios are instances of exceptional recovery after administering the healing techniques by the teacher and he does not quote them as achievements but as humble opportunities to use his learnings and skills for the betterment of fellow beings.